Hana Food Supplement

Our “Hana” supplement food line represents a variety of meal supplements designed with the pregnant and lactating mother in mind. All products contain milk, semolina, soybeans and are flavored with natural vanilla. Enriched with a carefully selected combination of 13 vitamins, 9 minerals and Prebiotics, each serving (100 grams) provides 25% of the mother’s recomended daily intake. It’s preparation is an easy process and requires only the addition of water or natural fruit juice for the mother to enjoy both the delightful flavor and substantial health benefits of Hana Supplement Food.

Manufacturing Process

Hana product line is painstakingly produced using the finest raw ingredients and a specialized manufacturing process that ensures the preservation of the highest nutritional integrity of our products.

Our factory line  extruders are provided by Fudex s.r.l from Italy. The multi-step manufacturing process starts with our natural raw materials being forced through the extruder under pressure while being cooked by steam to form pellets. These pellets are then dried and ground to a fine powder to which our natural flavors, minerals and vitamins are added. This painstaking process ensures the optimal and maximum nutritional valueprovided by our products. All our natural additives are of the highest quality and imported from Germany and Belgium. Additionally, the entire manufacturing line is fully automated and the individual packets are sealed by machine with Nitrogen gas to ensure a hygienic product.

All this results in a product with:

  • Ease of preparation
  • Ease of consumption
  • Highest possible nutritional value with considerable health benefits to the pregnant and lactating mother.

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