Lido Pasta

In its mission to continue providing high quality food products for the Egyptian market, Univert Egypt has added lately to its variety of products; Lido Pasta; a special blend that has been carefully developed by one of the leading pasta industry experts in the world.factory
Lido is manufactured using the highest quality durum wheat semolina. The company takes pride in adapting the highest local and international standards, using the latest technology production and packaging lines in the world.

Lido comes in 17 different shapes, and to fulfill the wide variety of the consumers’ needs and preferences further shapes will be provided. Lido is distinctive in sustaining its nutritional value, as it has been especially produced to maintain all its nutritive elements and calories during the cooking process. Moreover, the product is free from cholesterol, flavors and any additives. Not to mention that the protein proportion in Lido is with a minimum of 12.5 gm/ 100 gm; making it a rich and healthy meal.

As a continuation for its accomplishments and within its plan to provide a wider range of products for further consumer segments; Univert Egypt plans to introduce a new pasta line product very soon. This product will be manufactured from high quality wheat flour (72%), thus catering for the needs of further consumers who seek high quality pasta made from wheat flour.pasta2

Through using the same philosophy adopted by the company in using the highest technology, best raw materials and maintaining the product’s nutritional value; Univert Egypt also has a future plan to provide further healthy, unique and more specialized pasta products that are still not available in the Egyptian market as local products.

All the criteria stated above, make our various pasta products eligible to compete in national and international markets.

Long Cuts

Spaghetti 1.4mm L1

Spaghetti 1.7mm L2

Linguini 4mm L3

Tube 3mm L4


Short Cuts

Penne 10mm L5

Big Rings 10mm L6

Small Rings 6mm L7

Elbow 10mm L8

Snails L9

Shells L10

Fusilli L11

Twist 7mm L12

Vermicelli 1mm L13



Rice L14

Stars L15

Toys L16

Alphabet L17